CNC Turning Centers (Swiss type)

  • Maximum Performance SWISS Turning Centers type SW (up to Ø42)
GOODWAY SW series Swiss Turning Centers provide up to 9-axis control and 4-axis coordinate motion combined with two high-speed spindles. The machines of this type perform turning, milling, drilling, threading and other complex machine operations for micro and precise parts. The two-spindle operation ensures significant reduction of the machining time in complex parts production. The positioning of the cutting tools provides axial and radial machining. The machines of this type that we have can produce parts up to 42 mm in diameter.. Due to above advantages, The SW series is excellence for automobile, electronic, medical industry and other related industry.
  • High speed CNC turning centers GLS2000L
GOODWAY GLS series turning centers combine power, strength, and speed to bring you The Ultimate Machining Power®. These high speed machines will easily accomplish the demanding turning applications of today and tomorrow. Furthermore, with available live tooling, C-axis, and Y-axis capabilities; milling, turning applications may be completed in one single machine.
  • CNC Turning & Milling Center type CY2-52MB (up to Ø52)
This type of machine provides all the advantages of a high class Swiss Turning Centers. This machine has 6 live tools positions and 9 turning tools positions on the two spindles. The bigger advantage of this machine is the additional B-axis which has 12 live tools positions which provides the capacity of machining at an angle to the machine main axis. This gives the ability for machining complex geometric shapes in one operation. The great number of live and turning tools provide the ability for production of wide range of complex parts while significantly reducing machining time.


Automatic lathes

  • Single-sindel automatic lathes (up to Ø16)
High precision and high performance cam operated automatic lathes. These machines are intended for producing small turning parts. The main advantage of these machines is the combination of high processing speed with high precision.
Type: 1M10DA, Peterman, Tornos, Tornos T4, Strom, 1A12, 1P16, AWA16, AWA10, Traub, T16A
  • Multispindle automatic lathes
These machines combine the principles and advantages of cam automatic lathes with the 6-position machining which multiplies the production capacity. This type machines are mostly intended for mass production.
Type: Wickman Multi-spindle Machines