Jun 25, 2016

Project BG16RFOP002-2.001-0930-C01 / 09.02.2016 "Enhancing the production capacity of EAZ Ltd."


EAZ Ltd., by improving the production capacity and increasing the export potential of the company. With the project, the company aims to introduce new technologies to improve the production process, increase its productivity and reduce production costs, improving the quality of the final product and optimizing the organization of the production process. The purpose of the company is through the purchase of the new equipment to strengthen the position in the internal market, while increasing the share of production of SAD and air launchers and the foreign market. With the new equipment, it will be possible to produce higher quality products with better quality and at a better price. The company will be able to sell its products in a new segment of the market. An additional effect will be the reduction of the manufacturing marriage and the shortening of production time for one part. The expected results are: an increase in the volume of products produced; increase in labor productivity by 16%; improving the quality and increasing the volume of products produced; Expansion of the activity of the company as a result of increase of the production capacity of the enterprise; decrease in production costs, increase in sales revenue.
The total budget of the project amounts to BGN 1,071,000.00,