Electrostatic deposition of particulate polymeric materials / electrostatic powder coating / method for applying anticorrosion and decorative coatings on metals - ferrous, non-ferrous and non - glass, ceramics.

Details on previously defatted by Electrostatic field in specialized chambers applied / sprayed / paint. The paint is in powder form. Powder paint sticks. In subsequent firing in appropriate technology selected mode it polymerizes and spills. After suitable cooling surface is ready for use.

Advantages of the method:

Powder paints consist of 100% solids. Dust is not adhering to the workpiece material / subject / collected and used again. Prahonasloenite parts / details / are substantially resistant to impact and scratching. Possible additional processing with cutting tools. Powder coating without veils and tears.
coating allows contact to food, drinking water. Is allowed its use in the manufacture of toys

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